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6 to 8:30 p.m. Monday, March 13

6 to 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 14

(You are only required to attend one session.

You may come at any time, 

though there will be some brief information

presented at the beginning of each.)


Call backs

5 to 9 p.m. Thursday, March 16

Callbacks will include scene work,

additional singing, and dancing. ​

(If you are unable to return for this session,

please let us know when you audition so that we can make sure we see everything we need to see from you.)

All sessions will be at Arts Place

131 E. Walnut St., Portland, Indiana

If you have a scheduling conflict with the

audition times but want to be in the show,

please contact us as soon as possible at

Show/rehearsal information


The show will be directed by Ray Cooney.

Rachel Werling will be the assistant director, Joey Bailey will be the musical director, Shea Bailey will be the choreographer, Karla Kunk will be the student director and Reid Knuth and Alex Ardizzone will be production consultants.


Anyone cast in this production will be required to attend rehearsals beginning April 11.

Rehearsals may run from 6 to 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

All performers will not need to attend all rehearsal sessions.

Your rehearsal schedule will be based on the role you receive.

(Scheduling will be finalized following the casting process.)

Special arrangements may be made for conflicts listed on this audition form or in case of emergency.

Absences for reasons not listed as conflicts on this form and that do not qualify as emergencies could be cause for removal.

All cast/crew will be required to attend all tech week rehearsals, which begin May 30.

Those rehearsals may run later than 9 p.m. Performance dates are June 9, 10, 11, 16, 17 and 18.

Cast and crew will be required to arrive two hours before show time.

Additional performances may be added June 8 and June 15 if ticket sales dictate.

Strike will take place after the June 18 show.  All cast and crew members are required to assist.

What to prepare

You will be required to fill out an audition form.

You may print and fill out the form posted at right and bring it with you to auditions.

We will also have forms available on the nights of auditions.


You will be asked to do some brief line reading during auditions.

You will also be asked to learn a brief dance.

You will also be asked to sing about 30 seconds of a musical theatre song.

The following are suggested audition songs. 

While it is not required to select a song from the below list,

these songs have been hand-picked by the directing staff

to demonstrate the vocalists’ range and ability.

We ask that you do not choose a song from The Descendants. 


Remember, is it important for you to pick a song

that best reflects your vocal range and ability:

Soprano (S) - Higher Female Voices {C4-A5}

Alto (A) - Lower Female Voices {F3-D5}

Tenor (T) - Higher Male Voices {B2-G4}

Baritone/Bass (B) - Lower Male Voices {G2-E4} 

Some voices might fit neatly into these categories and some might fit in between.

Young children (under age 14) whose voices have not yet fully developed

should feel less constrained to place themselves in the above categories

but should still pick a song that fits best for them. 


Female Voices

“I Have Confidence” - The Sound of Music (S)

“Goodnight My Someone” - The Music Man (S)

“That’s Rich” - Newsies (S)

“How Far I’ll Go” - Moana (S/A)

“God Help the Outcast” - Hunchback of Notre Dame (A) 

“Watch What Happens” - Newsies (A) 

“Requiem” - Dear Evan Hansen (A)


Male Voices

“Out There” - Hunchback of Notre Dame (T)

“Proud of Your Boy” - Aladdin (T)

“Santa Fe” - Newsies (T) 

“You’re Welcome” - Moana (T/B)

“Edelweiss” - Sound of Music (T/B) 

“Bottom Line” - Newsies (B) 

“Hellfire” - Hunchback of Notre Dame (B)

We encourage you to sing with music on your phone or other device.

Character descriptions

Roles are available for performers of all ages.

They are listed with a description.

MAL — Our hero and Maleficent’s daughter. Under her hardened, sarcastic exterior,

she has a sense of justice and a heart of gold.

EVIE — The Evil Queen Grimhilde’s daughter. She hides her brilliance behind a superficial, image-obsessed attitude.

JAY — Jafar’s son—an outwardly arrogant thief. He conceals a strategic, collaborative nature.

CARLOS — Cruella de Vil’s son. Despite a fear of dogs and just about everything else,

he has the capacity to be brave and kind.

BEN — Son of the Beast and Belle. He is a regal, optimistic kid who bears the weight of soon becoming King of Auradon.

MALEFICENT — The infamous evil fairy. She is a profoundly selfish absentee parent with a taste for vengeance.

GRIMHILDE — Snow White’s wicked adversary. An aging beauty queen, she is still desperate to be the fairest of them all.

JAFAR — Aladdin’s nemesis. He is a slimy, washed-up crime lord desperate for a way back to the top.

CRUELLA DE VIL — A Dalmatian-loving dog-snatcher. She is an obsessive, eccentric, and overbearing helicopter mom.

KING ADAM (BEAST) — Ben’s father and King of Auradon. Royal and rule-driven, he knows a bit about being marginalized.

QUEEN BELLE — Ben’s mother and Queen of Auradon. Warm, but cautious, she doesn’t understand her son’s generation.

FAIRY GODMOTHER — Headmistress of Auradon Prep. Busy and bubbly, she’ll do anything to keep the school afloat.

MAURICE — Chemistry teacher and Belle’s father. He is kooky and stuck in his ways.

COACH — Tourney coach, resigned to the team’s mediocrity until meeting a surprise star player.

SNOW WHITE — Red carpet reporter. She is the voice of the masses.

JANE — Fairy Godmother’s daughter. Meek and mousy, but hungry for attention, she’s looking for her moment to shine.

CHAD — Cinderella and Prince Charming’s son. An arrogant and spoiled blockhead, he’s never wanted for anything.

AUDREY — Sleeping Beauty’s daughter. The malicious queen bee of Auradon Prep, she has her eye on the throne.

DOUG — Dopey’s son. Nerdy and sweet, he does all the work that his fellow students don’t want to do.

ROYAL PAGE — Auradonian messenger, enormously nervous.

ROYAL GUARD — Museum employee, less than vigilant.


Island Ensemble, Auradonians, Coronation Crowd and Auradonian Choir

for Jay County Civic Theatre's production of

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